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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Foreigners Buy Property in Mexico?2023-02-13T23:33:47-06:00

Yes, although Isla Mujeres is located within the restricted area of Mexico, there are still various ways to own property here. Many expats have taken advantage of this opportunity and now own property on Isla, allowing them to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Can I Get a Loan to Buy Property on the Island?2023-02-13T23:35:07-06:00


How Do I Find an Attorney?2023-02-13T23:38:43-06:00

We work with a number of local attorneys and can help find the right attorney for you.

Is There Medical Care Available?2023-02-13T23:34:15-06:00

Basic medical care is readily available on Isla Mujeres, which makes it a great place to live for both locals and expats alike. Additionally, world-class hospitals and tourism-related medical care can be found just a short distance away in Cancun.

It is Safe to Live on the Island?2023-02-13T23:34:08-06:00

Yes, Isla Mujeres is generally considered a very safe place to live. The island’s tight-knit community and strong sense of security has kept it free from major crime and other forms of danger. As with any tourist destination however, trouble can be found if you go looking for it – so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times and take the necessary safety precautions while visiting or living on the island.

What are Closing Costs to Purchase Property?2023-02-13T23:36:53-06:00


Real Estate Isla Mujeres


Real Estate Isla Mujeres


Buyers Guide

There are two ways for foreigners to purchase property in Mexico. Click on the buttons below for description of the process. This should not be taken as legal advice. It is important to have help making the right buying decision for you.

At Mundaca Real Estate we can assist our buyers with referrals to experienced attorneys and notaries to make your buying experience as simple as possible.

Real Estate Isla Mujeres
Real Estate Isla Mujeres
Real Estate Isla Mujeres


Sierra Mar Condos

Sierra Mar is the newest condo project happening on Isla Mujeres. Located mid island on the Caribbean Ocean side, this unique project will be an important addition to the island. There will be 10 units each designed with quality and high end finishes as their centerpiece. Highlights include:

  • Marble floors and Granite counters throughout
  • Premium Teka kitchen appliances
  • Drawer Dishwasher
  • Perota wood “Soft Close” custom cabinets and drawers throughout
  • Reinforced glass windows
  • Travertine marble bathrooms wit vessel sinks
  • Private pool
  • Elevator

Location is key with views of the ocean from every unit. The large open concept design takes advantage or the views from every area of the condo. These 3 and 4 bedroom units are some of the largest condos available on the island. Sizes range from 1,900 square feet to 3,100 square feet.

Latest Project Updates

Sierra Mar condos have been under construction for several months now and have the foundation complete and have begun working on the ground floor.  Here are some photos to show the progress.

Real Estate Isla Mujeres
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